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How To Find Your Hardware Serial Number

Student, Postdoc, Personal and Cloning Edition licenses are locked into individual machines. To generate a license, we need the hardware Serial Number of the machine where MacVector will be installed. The easiest way to locate this is to choose Apple | About This Mac (the Apple menu is the one at the far left of the menu bar with the Apple logo);


Click just underneath the OS X logo where the version is displayed. The first time you click will change the display to the Build number, the second time you click will show the hardware Serial Number;


It is very important that the number you send to us is correct, or the license will not work. If you don't trust yourself to type the Serial Number accurately (its easy to confuse zeros with "O"'s) you can also access the hardware Serial Number by clicking on the More Info button in the About This Mac dialog;


From this dialog, you can actually select the Serial Number text, copy it, and then send it to us.


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