How to save a graphical Map.

With earlier versions of MacVector the graphical Map was treated as a separate object to the actual sequence, and you could save it directly as a graphic file (PICT) from the Map window. However, the graphical map changed substantially with MacVector 9.5 and even more in 10.0, and now you need a different way to […]

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MacVector 10.6 released

We have recently released a new version of MacVector – 10.6. All customers currently running any version of MacVector 10.5 are entitled to install this version. We highly recommend you to install and upgrade as this release combines numerous bug fixes to MacVector 10.5 in addition to new functionality. We have released 10.6 in between […]

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Patch Releases

A trail of ants came marching though my kitchen last week. I found the hole they came in and plugged it up. There, that’s sorted them. Two days later they were back, this time through a different hole. Bugs – I hate them. Just like software. There are probably as many different approaches to software […]

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Designing and testing primers in MacVector – part 1

MacVector has many different primer tools for different purposes. In this, the first of a series of articles I want to present an overview of primer design in MacVector, and when it’s best to use which tool. I’ll also talk about what’s coming next in future releases. Design Primers (Primer3) The most flexible tool was […]

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Welcome to our blog

We’ve wanted to start a blog to better communicate with the MacVector community since we started MacVector, Inc, at the start of 2007. However, there’s always been something else to do. No longer! We already have our forums with contributions from users and with the blog we want to do something different. We will bring […]

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