Designing and testing primers in MacVector – part 2

In the first article in this series we took an overview of all the primer design tools in MacVector. In this second look at primer design in MacVector I’m going to look in more detail at our latest tool – Design Primers (Primer3). Primer3 is a powerful, highly configurable command line tool for designing primers. […]

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MacVector at the ASM

If you are attending the American Society for Microbiology meeting in Philadephia, be sure to stop by the MacVector booth ( 304) and say hello. We are giving away some cool mouse pads with a summary of the DNA and Protein IUPAC codes and the Universal Genetic Code printed on them for quick reference. Tweet

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An overview of Sequence Assembly in MacVector

MacVector has had sequence assembly functionality for a long time. Many moons ago MacVector came with a OS9 only tool called AssemblyLIGN. Although a useful tool it was fairly limited and needed a complete replacement, so about five years ago Assembler was released, which is a much more modern tool for sequence assembly. In addition […]

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MacVector, Universal Type Identifiers and File Extensions

One feature that Macintosh applications have typically provided since the very beginning has been the ability to associate a document with an application such that opening the document (double clicking) would launch the appropriate application. Historically, on the Mac OS, this has been accomplished by including two additional pieces of information stored in the directory […]

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