Next Generation sequencing formats

As is common with the lack of standards seen with most emerging technologies there are many different and competing types of sequencing file formats for storage of short read or next generation sequencing data. All these formats try to solve the same question of storing an almost unprecedented amount of sequence data in a useable […]

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Alignments in MacVector

Update 19 August 2013: We’ve added support for Muscle and T-Coffee to the MSA editor We get a lot of comments and questions from users on the various alignment functions in MacVector. They say there’s more than one way to skin a cat (not that I’ve done that – I have skinned a catfish, but […]

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Philadelphia and the ASM Convention

We had a great time at the ASM Convention several weeks ago. Thanks to all of the MacVector users who stopped by the booth. We enjoyed meeting you, showing you new features in MacVector, and gaining your feedback that will help us plan for the future. We also met a lot of people who hadn’t […]

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