Upgrade your old dongle to MacVector 11!

MacVector 11 will be released during August, 2009. This release has been designed to be the easiest version of MacVector to use yet. We’ve added many interface enhancements, such as a floating analysis toolbar. Also creating plasmid constructs has never been easier with point and click vector construction with Click Cloning. We’ve not forgotten to add new features either with 3/6 frame translation direct in the Sequence Editor, an auto annotation editor for help in maintaining your vector library, and next generation sequencing data support for Assembler.


To celebrate this release for the months of July and August we are offering a one time only discounted price for upgrading any old USB ( or older!) dongles that you may have for a full standard license of MacVector. Please contact us and send in your old dongle to take advantage of an upgrade price of $499 for MacVector 11*.

MacVector has always been an easy application to pick up and use straightaway, but over the last few releases we have really made it the easiest tool for Molecular biologists to use in the lab. No need to waste time learning how to use an application, but just open it up, download your sequences straight from the NCBI’s Entrez website (within MacVector), and design your primers, blast your sequence, and clone straight into a vector. If you are not convinced sign up for a free 21 day trial here. This will install alongside your existing copy of MacVector, and your files will not be affected.


If you do not have an existing dongle to upgrade, have an old network license, or you are not an academic, then contact sales@macvector.com for great pricing.

*Please note that this is a download only offer.

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    Check out this page for what’s coming in MV 11!


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