Mac OS X updates and MacVector

One of the great things about OS X is that updates are really painless to install! Actually come to mention it upgrading the OS between major versions is usually trouble free too! For minor in version updates System Update will easily download and update the OS, leaving you the user to just reboot. So really there’s no excuse to run an older version of an OS! Of course as well as being painless OS updates generally include many important bugs found by Apple.

An good example of one of these bugs is a recurring one we’ve found with early versions of OS X 10.4 (Tiger). We’ve had many users report this one. The bug in the operating system causes MacVector to crash when loading the “online update” message from our website. Quite annoying and not our fault we assure you! Updating to 10.4.11 (the last update of this OS) solves the problem.

A more current example is a bug that we have just found in the search function of the file open dialogue. If you regularly use this to open files, and you have recently upgraded to Snow Leopard, then it is likely that you will start experiencing some hangs. Unfortunately once again the bug appears with OS X and not with MacVector, so there’s not a lot we can do! We’ve reported the bug to Apple. In the meantime we recommend using a different way to open your files until the bug is fixed!

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    I should add that until this is fixed, then the best workaround is to avoid using the search function to open files.