ANOTHER NOVEMBER SPECIAL OFFER: Buy or upgrade MacVector and receive Assembler for free…..

Quite a few users have asked why we are only having an offer to upgrade old network licenses rather than any licenses. We do not want to upset people and so we’re allowing anybody who upgrades a standard license in November to receive a free copy of Assembler when they do so. We’re also being […]

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Clustering an alignment

Sometimes it is useful to sort, or cluster, an alignment according to the similarity/identity of its sequences. With such a sorted alignment you are able to more easily visualise closely related sequences as they will be together in an alignment with more distantly related sequences being much further apart. If you want to quickly cluster […]

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Creating your own subsequence library of primers

As mentioned in a recent post MacVector has a powerful feature called Subsequence searches. This function allows you to keep a library of sequence pattern matches, using a powerful nomenclature with up to three parts, and quickly scan protein and nucleic acid sequences with this library. .Although MacVector ships with a number of collections of […]

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Jaspar, MacVector & Subsequence searches

MacVector allows you to find motifs, primers, transcription factor binding sites, or any significant region with a consensus sequence, in your sequence using a powerful feature called subsequence searches. This function allows you to keep a library of sequence patterns of either nucleic acid or proteins. You can use¬†subsequences with complex patterns for the search […]

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Stop by the MacVector booth #802 at the NIH Research Festival this week!

We’ll be attending the TSA Research Festival Exhibit Show at the NIH Research Festival Show later this week. We enjoy meeting our users and if you are attending the show or are just in the area then please do drop by to say hello. If you have any questions, constructive criticism, or features that you […]

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Error 500 when installing MacVector

With some operating systems buying a new computer can mean days migrating all your data and applications over. However, with OS X the Apple Migration Utility almost completely removes the hassle and the pleasure of your new Mac is not diluted by the pain of migration! However, this utility is not perfect and sometimes when […]

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