Copying subsequences from larger sequences.

Sometimes when working on a small subsequence of a much larger sequence it is easier to take that section and make a new file. It is also generally useful in such circumstances to preserve the original numbering. For example if you want to analyse a single gene, but still keep the numbering in the context of the full chromosome or genome. With MacVector whenever you copy a section of a sequence then paste this into a new sequence it will preserve the numbering.

e.g. if you copy a gene that starts at 1,045 kilobases in the larger sequence, then the new sequence’s numbering will start at 1,045,000.

To ‘reset’ the numbering just hover the mouse over the red number until it turns into a ‘hand’. Then double click and you will be given a dialogue to change the numbering.


This feature was first introduced in MacVector 11.

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