MacVector on OS X 10.7 Lion

Lion was released through the App Store earlier today. Although MacVector has not gone through a full round of testing, our initial tests on development builds and the released version shows that there are no bugs, or at least no obvious ones! Here’s the coolest feature of Lion, Mission Control. Technorati Tags: MacVector Tweet

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Updated Restriction Enzyme files

There are a few updated restriction enzyme files available for download. This file contains the latest Gateway and TOPO sites, and this file is contains the Common Enzymes file together with the updated sites. You can read about how to do Gateway cloning with MacVector here. Incidentally you can select multiple sites for copying by […]

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Hiding Tooltips in the Editor.

A feature new to MacVector 12 is the ability to both annotate and display features directly in the Editor, without having to open a separate Map view window. There are also tooltips that show the feature on the sequence directly under the mouse cursor. For example in the following screenshot you see the ID of […]

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MacVector 12: Drag and Drop annotation of your sequences

This is in a series of blog posts on interesting highlights of new features added to MacVector 12 If you click and drag a result from a results map to a sequence window it will be annotated as a feature. For example dragging a primer from a primer results map will annotate that primer as […]

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