Are you teaching a Molecular Biology Course this year?

Many MacVector users don’t realize that we offer FREE licenses for teaching purposes. If you or your lab owns a license of MacVector 12 with a current maintenance contract, you are eligible. If you are teaching a course this year and are in the process of preparing your course content, consider using MacVector as a […]

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MacVector 12.0.5 is out

MacVector 12.0.5 is a cumulative patch release that fixes a few bugs in MacVector 12.0.4 and includes all the bug fixes since 12.0 was released. If you have a current maintenance contract with MacVector (as of Dec 1st 2010), you can download the updater for MacVector 12.0.5. Tweet

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Updated Gateway Restriction Enzyme file

Here’s an updated restriction enzyme file for Gateway cloning with MacVector. Tweet

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MacVector and upgrading to Lion.

The latest version of OS X, Lion, has been out for a few weeks and it’s a great operating system. MacVector 12 has been tested and although not yet officially supported, it works great.. Nonetheless even though we’ve not yet come across any issues we are committed to fixing bugs. So if you are running […]

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Designing primers that do not bind at multiple places in your template

The default settings for Primer3 do not actually check for whether a primer will bind at multiple places in the template. To turn this on use the PRIMER vs PRODUCT setting in the PRIMER BINDING tab (the Primer3 parameter is “PRIMER_MAX_TEMPLATE_MISPRIMING”). The default value is -1, which means do not check. Change this to 1 […]

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MacVector, Assembler and network licensing.

We recently changed the way that Assembler network licenses are shared out to make it easier for many users to share a single license. Previously an Assembler license was checked out whenever you loaded MacVector with Assembler. ¬†However, now an Assembler license is only checked out when you start a new assembly project or open […]

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