MacVector 12.5: Get Assembler for half price!

Our latest version, MacVector 12.5, will be released on the 1st of December, 2011. There’s some great new features in this release with the addition of extra alignment algorithms, Muscle and T-coffee, to the Multiple Sequence Alignment analysis interface, as well as many interface enhancements and performance improvements. However, the most important new feature in […]

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MacVector 12.5: Sequence Assembly made easy.

This is part of a series of posts about and leading up to the release of MacVector 12.5. Assembler has always made it easy to assemble your sequencing projects. It hides the complicated algorithms and provides a point and click interface to show you the results. With the release of MacVector 12.5 the range of […]

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Zooming to the sequence level in the Map view

When zoomed to the residue level it’s easy to check restriction enzyme ends.   Technorati Tags: MacVector   Tweet

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MacVector 12.5 new features

This is the first in a series of posts about and leading up to the release of MacVector 12.5. MacVector 12.5 will be released shortly. As long as testing shows up no obstacles it will be soon entering the external beta stage. If you want to participate in the beta program please do email support. […]

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Problems with DMG appearing not to mount.

Sometimes when you download the MacVector disk image and try to mount it nothing appears to happen. Generally this is because although it has been mounted a Finder window has not popped up. It also affects those of us with messy desktop (not me of course!). If you have many files then you might miss […]

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Steve Jobs RIP

Steve Jobs RIP Credit: Matthew Yohe Technorati Tags: apple Tweet

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