Running old versions of MacVector on Lion.

Only MacVector 9.5 and later versions will run on OS X 7 Lion. Apple started transitioning their processor architecture from PowerPC (PPC) to Intel’s x86 in 2006. The Macbook Pro and the iMac being the first Intel Macs. When they did so they gave Xcode (the OSX development environment) the ability to create Universal Binary […]

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MacVector 12.5: Creating alignments with T-Coffee and Muscle

With MacVector 12.5 we’ve added additional multiple sequence alignment (MSA) algorithms. Muscle and T-coffee have been added to the Multiple Sequence Alignment editor complementing the existing ClustalW algorithm. We’ve wanted both of these for a while now and judging from the results of last year’s survey so have many users. Both T-Coffee and Muscle are […]

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Activating a license on Lion for older copies of MacVector

With the release of OS X 10.7 Lion Apple made significant changes to the structure and permissions of various important folders. For example the Library folder in the user’s home folder is now hidden. A consequence of this is that on Lion (and all versions after that) older versions of MacVector do not have the […]

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…back to work!

Getting back to the lab after the end of the year break is always a shock! You’ve might have been popping into the lab over the vacation to maintain your experiments, but now you need to get those experiments moving again and start getting the results in. So after you’ve chatted about the holidays with […]

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