101 things you (maybe) didn’t know about MacVector: #13 – Lower Case Sequences

By default, MacVector uses upper case letters for sequence residues. However, you can also use lower case characters if you wish. Changing the case of residues does not affect the MacVector analysis algorithms – GAATTC, gaattc and gAAttC are all considered valid EcoRI sites for example. If you want to set a short region of a sequence to lower case, simply select the sequence then choose the Edit | Transformations | Make Lower Case menu item;


The case changes not only in the main Editor tab;


but also in all plain text result windows;


So you can use this as a way of marking residues that you want to easily be able to identify in any of the plain text result windows – perhaps useful for marking primer binding sites for example. You can also enable typing in the Editor using upper and lower case by selecting the Edit | Transformations | Enable Mixed Case Entry menu item.

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