MacVector and Mavericks

OS X Mavericks was released last week.

As usual we’d been testing MacVector on the prerelease developer previews. We did come across a few issues, however, these all seem to be working fine now it’s officially released.

Screen Shot 2013 10 30 at 09 50 37

So far we’ve done plenty of informal testing with MacVector 12.7.5 and we’ve not come across any major issues.

There are two minor ones:

  • In a few rare circumstances the Primer3 sheet may appear to be blank. Generally after unplugging/plugging external monitors.
  • There are general display glitches with some older graphics cards
  • We’ve had no reported issues from any users. But we really do encourage users to let us know if you find any. Either email support, comment below or via twitter @macvector.

    We’re currently undergoing more formal testing and we’ll update this blog when that is complete.

    The tentative summary is that MacVector 12.7.5 works fine on Mavericks.

    Incidentally MacVector 13 is being developed on Mavericks and will be fully supported.

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