Importing sequences from ENSEMBL

There’s a few different ways to import annotation from the ENSEMBL database browser, as well as other databases. Using Genbank The easiest way to export from ENSEMBL and keep all annotation is to use the Genbank format. The default format will be FASTA which has no annotation. With Genbank all the annotation is stored in […]

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Implementing a new activation code for network license users

When you’ve got a lot of licenses and a lot of computers to manage, a network license is the most effective way of letting your users access their favourite sequence analysis app for the Mac! MacVector network license use the KeyServer network license software from Sassafras. However, in addition to the KeyServer setup MacVector also […]

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Testing primers with MacVector 13

New to MacVector 13 is the ability to quickly test a pair of primers. Previously to test a pair of primers with the Primer3 tool you needed to modify the expected product and reduce the stringency of all parameters so that your primers would be accepted. Now when you enter a pair of primers into […]

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MacVector 13’s redesigned results windows

Before MacVector 13 all the results windows could sometimes get in the way. Some tools, such as the restriction enzyme tool, can generate up to six different results windows. Such as a list of all enzymes that cut a sequence, a list of all non-cutters, a restriction map, etc.. This is all useful information and […]

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