Implementing a new activation code for network license users

When you’ve got a lot of licenses and a lot of computers to manage, a network license is the most effective way of letting your users access their favourite sequence analysis app for the Mac!

MacVector network license use the KeyServer network license software from Sassafras. However, in addition to the KeyServer setup MacVector also needs to be activated on each client.

The actual activation procedure is very simple. To activate a license on a client go to the OPTIONS menu in MacVector and click on ACTIVATE LICENSE… Then you simply need to enter the Licenseholder, the serial number and the activation code, exactly as they are written.

The actual KeyServer side rarely needs updating. However, whenever you renew your maintenance you will be supplied with a new activation code. When there is a new release you will need to have previously activated each client with the new code. So it is good practice to implement the new activation code whenever you receive it.

For network licenses this activation file is not hardware dependent, and so the file can be simply copied in place on each client machine to activate that copy. It does not matter if the hardware is changed, as long at that file is present then MacVector will be able to run and checkout a license file from the Sassafras KeyServer.

This also means that if you ‘push’ out the software to clients machines, you can also activate a single client and send the ‘activation file’ out to each client.

The license details are stored in the following file.

/Library/Application Support/MacVector/MacVector License Information

This file needs to be simply copied in place on each client machine to activate that copy. Permissions must be preserved for the file. This file will also get migrated to another machine if you use the Apple Migration Utility.

As usual contact MacVector Support if you have any questions about this.

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