MacVector 13.0.4 is ready to install

This is a critical bug-fix update to MacVector 13.0.3 that should be installed by all users of MacVector 13. The bugs fixed are listed in the Release Notes and you may download the installer. However, you’ll be able to update using Sparkle from inside MacVector as long as you are running MacVector 13.0.1 and later. […]

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Online updating with Sparkle

Having to update software is an annoying, but essential, part of modern computing life! All software has bugs that need fixing and good software should add new features as well. We try with MacVector to do both, But that means that from time to time you will need to download and install a new version. […]

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101 things you (maybe) didn’t know about MacVector: #33 – Tear-off Result Window Tabs

MacVector 13 has a great new feature where all analysis results for an individual sequence are collected into a single tabbed result window to reduce window clutter. However, there are times when it is very convenient to have results displayed in side-by-side windows. For example, if you run a Matrix Comparison (commonly known as a […]

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MacVector Talk: July 2014: Sequence assembly on the desktop with MacVector and Assembler.

Generating sequencing data is cheaper than it has ever been. However, with this increase in data has come a problem with easy analysis. Assembling 20 reads for your site directed mutagenesis project is easy. Why should dealing with 20 million reads of your bacterial genome be any harder? In our Summer newsletter we talk about […]

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