MacVector and Yosemite

OS X Yosemite was released today. As you no doubt already know Yosemite has a new flat look. The system font has changed to Helvetica as well. All in all after a few hours of using it we think the interface looks superb.

As usual we’ve been testing MacVector on developer editions of Yosemite since it was announced in June earlier this year.

We never found any issues, however, the final release is always the most important one to test!

Today we’ve been testing both MacVector 13.0.7 (the current release) and also MacVector 13.5 (which is very close to being released).

So far we’ve not found any significant bugs at all. There are a few minor colour issues with tabs in document windows in MacVector 13.0.7. We’ve already redesigned these for MacVector 13.5 and they look great.

Incidentally there’s a clue to a new feature for Align to Reference in the screenshot below…. (hint: think circular reference sequences!).

Screenshot 17 10 2014 16 49

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