Editing the appearance of individual sequences maps

Although we think that the default appearance of sequence maps in MacVector is very pretty, sometimes the defaults are not to everybody’s taste! If you think this way, then changing how maps look is very easy. Rather than edit the appearance of all of your sequences it is far better to modify the default symbol […]

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MacVector Cloning Edition

Does your lab only need a simple DNA analysis application that will help you design primers and cloning experiments? Has your budget been cut to the bone? If the answer is a resounding “yes”, then we’ve released a new version of MacVector just for you. MacVector Cloning Edition provides all of the functionality you need […]

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MacVector for Windows update

The development for MacVector for Windows progresses. It’s not ready for release yet but it’s definitely the last stage before testing. MacVector for Windows is not a Java version of MacVector. MacVector, the original, is designed for, and fully integrates with, the OS X environment. We know users really appreciate that. If you can use […]

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The “/label” qualifier, features in the Editor tab and MacVector 14.0.2

With MacVector 14.0 we introduced two minor changes that have just not pleased a lot of users. We spend a lot of time discussing all improvements in every release and we did think that these two changes improved MacVector. But a lot of users have complained about both of them. So it looks like we […]

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