Quick shortcuts to zoom in and out in the Single Sequence Map tab

One very useful feature of the single sequence Map tab is that you can use the mouse to “drag-select” and zoom in to view a smaller section of a large sequence. Apart from the utility of using this to “drill down” to view individual genes, or even residues, in a large sequence, if you do this in the Map tab of a result window, the other associated text results will refresh to show just the results relevant to the shorter “zoomed” sequence.


To get back to the starting position (i.e. to show the full sequence), simply Double-Click anywhere in the Map window.

There are other useful shortcut keys;

  • Up Arrow – zooms in 2-fold, centered around the middle of the currently visible segment.
  • Down Arrow – zooms out 2-fold.
  • Left Arrow – if zoomed in, nudges the zoomed region left by a few percentage points.
  • Right Arrow – if zoomed in, nudges the zoomed region right by a few percentage points.
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