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MacVector is designed to be easy to use. Nonetheless there’s a lot of tools and it’s a flaw in most of us that we only stick to doing, what we already how to do. In our busy lives finding time for learning how to do something more efficiently never climbs that growing todo list too high!

So we started a weekly email with tips on using MacVector. Most of the tips are answers to questions that have recently been asked by users. We think that if someone has a question about it, then others probably do too! The emails are very short, always very pertinent and even power users will always learn something new from at least some of the emails! Each email will take less than a few minutes to read and understand.

Preview Weekly Tips November 12 2015 primer Ta

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We will never forward your information on to a third party and you are able to unsubscribe immediately from these emails.

If you have recently purchased a copy of Macvector then, unless you have unsubscribed, you will automatically get the weekly tips email. however, other MacVector users in your lab will not receive the email unless they have subscribed. So please let your colleagues know about these tips or anybody who you think would benefit from the tips.

If you have any tips that you’d like to share then please do send them to us. We’re always on the lookout for useful tips that would help other users, no matter how trivial them may seem.

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