How to reset the zoom level when you Drag Zoom into your sequence.

Being able to Drag Zoom makes it easy to view a specific region of your sequence in greater detail. To Drag Zoom, just hold down the mouse button and drag the cursor along your sequence. The Map view will redraw to show the selected area in greater detail.

Once you are zoomed in you have a few options to choose the region, or to zoom back out.

  • A simple double click on the background of the Map tab will reset the zoom to show the full sequence map.
  • You can also use the RESET ZOOM button in the Graphics Palette to do the same.
  • The ZOOM IN and ZOOM OUT buttons in the Graphics Palette will allow you to fine tune the level of zoom.
  • The cursor keys also work:

  • Left and right will slide around a circular sequence, or along a linear sequence.
  • Up and Down will vary the level of zoom.
  • As well as using Drag Zoom you can also zoom magnify the entire sequence. Use the magnification cursor in the Graphics Palette to do that. Then hold down the OPTION key to reverse that when you click.


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