You can automatically use the Free version of MacVector if your serial number is in use

Starting with MacVector 14.5.1, if your serial number is in use, or if all the KeyServer licenses are in use, you will get a message like this when you start MacVector.


If you click on the Continue using Free version button, you still have a surprising amount of functionality. You can open, print and save (in any format) most MacVector document types and edit sequences, alignments and graphics. You can even perform simple “click cloning” manipulations via copy and paste of restriction fragments. Even the internet BLAST and Entrez functions are available. Granted the Analyze functions are not enabled and you will get an appropriate message if you try to use them, but MacVector will not quit.

Prior to MacVector 14.5.1, this functionality was available, but a little less obvious.


With earlier versions (13.0 through 14.5.0), if you click on the Change License button, MacVector’s Preferences dialog will open, set to the Licenses tab. However, if you simply close that dialog, you can continue to use MacVector in Free mode.

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