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Monthly Archives: July 2016

Tweak your DNA Matrix for better Align To Folder searches with primers

You can use the Database | Align To Folder function as your own “personal BLAST search”, comparing a sequence to all of the sequences in a target folder hierarchy. The files in the folder can be in any format MacVector recognizes, including fasta and fastq formatted multiple sequence files. Many users take this approach to […]

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How to reset the sequence numbering when working with a subsection from a larger sequence

When you copy a section from a long sequence and paste it into a new MacVector window, the original numbering from the original sequence is retained. This is very useful if you want to work on a shorter segment of a genome without losing the original numbering. However, sometimes it is preferable to have the […]

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Organising your sequences using Smart Folders

OS X’s Finder has many features for quickly finding and working with your files. Spotlight Search is one such tool that most Mac users are familiar with. However, Smart Folders is a tool that is very useful but often overlooked. Smart Folders allow you to create a dynamic folder whose contents are derived from a […]

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How to increase the number of graphics levels to stop features overlapping.

MacVector tries to optimize the Map graphics layout using a trade-off between performance and minimizing unnecessary white space. Sometimes the default settings we have chosen are not ideal, particularly if you are looking at the Map tab of an Align To Reference window where you have a large number of reads overlapping the same region. […]

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