101 things you (maybe) didn’t know about MacVector: #50 – Using Align To Folder to “clone” genes from NGS data

The Database | Align To Folder… function in MacVector is remarkably powerful. Its like having your own personal BLAST search except that it can also scan through millions of Reads in fasta or fastq formatted files to identify those matching an input sequence, which can be DNA OR protein. In addition, it understands about paired-end […]

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Download the latest published version of your favorite sequence with its accession number

It’s very quick to download the latest version of a sequence if you know its accession number. When you start working with a new sequence, it’s the best place to start. Go to DATABASE > ENTREZ Enter the accession number of your favorite sequence Click SEARCH Double click on the result to open up your […]

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How to change the default appearance of RE sites

MacVector is extremely customizable. If you don’t like the defaults we supply, its very easy to change them. Lets look at restriction enzyme sites. By default we show unique sites in small red letters and sites that cut more than once in small blue letters. But suppose you want something bigger, bolder and, well, more […]

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NIH Research Festival September 14-16, 2016

We’re at the NIH Research Festival this week. Please drop by our booth on Thursday or Friday, when the big, white exhibitors tent is open. We’re on booth #562. We’ll be able to show you our latest release, MacVector 15 and we’ll have some goodies too! Tweet

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