MacVectorTip: Selecting the sequence from a single restriction enzyme site to the end of a linear sequence

To see the distance between any two points on a sequence is easy. For example select one restriction enzyme site, hold down SHIFT and select the second. The start, stop and length will be shown in the Range Selector (top right corner of every window – see images below). But if you want to see the distance from a Restriction Enzyme site to the end (or beginning) of the sequence it is slightly more difficult.

You have two options.

  • Select the RE site in the MAP tab.

  • Switch to the EDITOR tab.

  • Hold down SHIFT then click right at the end of the sequence. You can also hold down SHIFT, press the RIGHT cursor key, then the DOWN cursor key.

RE Selection EDITOR

You can also do this entirely within the MAP tab. Although this is slightly more complicated as you need to change the type of cursor.

  • In the Graphics Palette select the SELECT SEQUENCE cursor button

  • Now you can drag and select sequence in the MAP tab, exactly as you can do in the EDITOR tab with the other cursor.

RESelection MAP
Both of these options will select from the restriction enzyme site right to the end of the sequence and show the length in the top right corner.

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