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Buy two copies of MacVector 14 for the price of one.

For the month of October if you buy a personal or standard license of MacVector Pro then you’ll get one free! We never stop working to keep MacVector your best solution for designing primers, subcloning into vectors, aligning your sequences and checking small sequencing projects on the Mac. So don’t miss this chance to start […]

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Using the Primer Database to store your lab’s collection of primers

MacVector now directly supports storing primers within a primer database. The Primer Database tool allows you to save and retrieve primers from subsequence files within Primer3 and Quicktest Primer. You can easily create your own primer database, use existing files or import primers from Excel. Many users use subsequence files to store primers, and in […]

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MacVector Cloning Edition

Does your lab only need a simple DNA analysis application that will help you design primers and cloning experiments? Has your budget been cut to the bone? If the answer is a resounding “yes”, then we’ve released a new version of MacVector just for you. MacVector Cloning Edition provides all of the functionality you need […]

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MacVector for Windows update

The development for MacVector for Windows progresses. It’s not ready for release yet but it’s definitely the last stage before testing. MacVector for Windows is not a Java version of MacVector. MacVector, the original, is designed for, and fully integrates with, the OS X environment. We know users really appreciate that. If you can use […]

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The “/label” qualifier, features in the Editor tab and MacVector 14.0.2

With MacVector 14.0 we introduced two minor changes that have just not pleased a lot of users. We spend a lot of time discussing all improvements in every release and we did think that these two changes improved MacVector. But a lot of users have complained about both of them. So it looks like we […]

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Upgrade MacVector with a 30% discount during April

Don’t be an April Fool, upgrade with a…. 30% discount … before MacVector 14 is released in May. This is no April Fool’s joke. Here’s a great way to upgrade your copy of MacVector before the release of MacVector 14 next month. For the entire month of April you will get a 30% discount on […]

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A Black Friday/Cyber Monday special….Buy MacVector 13.5 and get one free.

MacVector 13.5 is the best release yet for comparing large sequences and handling NGS data. The new interface is even more polished and further performance tuning has ensured this release of MacVector is faster than ever. If you do not yet have MacVector then the next seven days are just for you. Starting from today, […]

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MacVector 13.5 is out

MacVector 13.5 was released last week. MacVector 13.5 is the best release yet. It’s had a redesign and rewrite of existing tools to make comparing large sequences faster and to improve handling of NGS data. Additionally the new interface, introduced in MacVector 13.0, has had many “tweaks” in response to user feedback. Plus a continued […]

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MacVector and Yosemite

OS X Yosemite was released today. As you no doubt already know Yosemite has a new flat look. The system font has changed to Helvetica as well. All in all after a few hours of using it we think the interface looks superb. As usual we’ve been testing MacVector on developer editions of Yosemite since […]

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MacVector 13.0.6 is out

This is a minor release that contains a few important bug fixes. Get it here now or wait for the sparkle update later today. One of the fixes concerns the classification of short reads versus long reads in de novo assembly with Velvet. Make sure you update now if your work involves that. Tweet

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