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MacVector for Windows

It’s been one of the most popular customer requests for a long time. It’s not yet ready for release, but MacVector for Windows is very definitely on its way. Spot the difference! MacVector for Windows is not a Java version of MacVector. It is a fully native version of MacVector but on Windows. MacVector is […]

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MacVector 13.0.4 is ready to install

This is a critical bug-fix update to MacVector 13.0.3 that should be installed by all users of MacVector 13. The bugs fixed are listed in the Release Notes and you may download the installer. However, you’ll be able to update using Sparkle from inside MacVector as long as you are running MacVector 13.0.1 and later. […]

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MacVector 13.0.1 released.

We’ve just released a minor update, MacVector 13.0.1. This release has a few minor bug fixes that have been reported in the past month. However, this release also sees the introduction of online updating via Sparkle. This allows you to update your copy of MacVector in place. Once a day MacVector will check our website […]

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de novo assembly with Velvet

Velvet is a short read aligner that works very well on a wide variety of reads. Velvet excels at de novo assembly of sequencing reads from second and newer generation sequencers. In our latest release, MacVector 13, we’ve added Velvet to Assembler. This joins the existing tools, Phrap for Sanger sequencing reads and Bowtie for […]

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Calculating the melting temperature of PCR primers

Calculating an accurate melting temperature of your oligos, your template and of the predicted product is important to set the cycling parameters of your PCR machine. The Tm calculations in MacVector were updated in MacVector 12.6 to use a more modern algorithm. MacVector has always used thermodynamic “nearest neighbor” calculations, but there were two changes […]

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Testing primers with MacVector 13

New to MacVector 13 is the ability to quickly test a pair of primers. Previously to test a pair of primers with the Primer3 tool you needed to modify the expected product and reduce the stringency of all parameters so that your primers would be accepted. Now when you enter a pair of primers into […]

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MacVector 13’s redesigned results windows

Before MacVector 13 all the results windows could sometimes get in the way. Some tools, such as the restriction enzyme tool, can generate up to six different results windows. Such as a list of all enzymes that cut a sequence, a list of all non-cutters, a restriction map, etc.. This is all useful information and […]

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Public beta of MacVector 13

There’s a public beta of our imminent release MacVector 13 ready for downloading and testing on our website. You just need an active license for MacVector 12.7 to run this. Watch out for the new easier way of installation (no installer, just drag to your Applications folder!). As well as a redesign of the interface […]

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MacVector and Applescript

Up to MacVector 13 MacVector has had limited Applescript support. The current release (12.7.5) is able to open sequences, print them and that’s about it! We’ve had frequent requests for MacVector to batch process files. So with the new release (coming very soon) you can batch process files. No analysis can be undertaken just yet […]

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Quicktest Primer and restriction sites

With the introduction of the Quicktest Primer tool in MacVector 12.6 primer design became even easier. Being able to slide your primer along a template sequence to see undesirable secondary structure and other attributes in realtime really does make it quicker and straightforward to design good primers. All user feedback we have had say it […]

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