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Screening for CRISPR Indels using Align To Reference

MacVector’s Analyze | Align To Reference‚Ķ tool is ideal for screening reads for the short insertions, deletions or substitutions resulting from CRISPR experiments. Simply open your reference sequence, choose Analyze | Align To Reference‚Ķ, click on the Add Seqs toolbar button to add reads from different clones/experiments, then click on Align to align the reads […]

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101 things you (maybe) didn’t know about MacVector: #49 – Identifying CRISPR Indels

If you are screening a set of clones for the presence of changes after a CRISPR experiment, then the MacVector Analyze | Align To Reference functionality is the approach to use. However, you may find that the default parameters are not ideal for this type of analysis – they are tuned for simple sequence confirmation […]

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101 things you (maybe) didn’t know about MacVector: #44 – Opening matching sequences from an Align To Folder search

The Database | Align To Folder function is an extremely useful tool to help you find matching sequences on your own local file system. It is essentially a BLAST search of your own private sequence collection – a little slower, but more sensitive. You can use it to easily open all of the sequences you […]

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