Error 500 when installing MacVector

With some operating systems buying a new computer can mean days migrating all your data and applications over. However, with OS X the Apple Migration Utility almost completely removes the hassle and the pleasure of your new Mac is not diluted by the pain of migration!

However, this utility is not perfect and sometimes when you have imported your applications and data from an older machine the permissions are not set correctly. For MacVector this may mean that you cannot write to the /MacVector/ folder even though you have Administrator privileges. This will manifest itself with a variety of symptoms but the most common one is seeing a “ERROR 500” when trying to activate a license.
This error message you are means that the installation process/license activation (i.e. YOU!) does not have permission to write the license file to the hard drive.

The best way to fix this is to try running a utility that can repair permissions. Although Disk Utility can do this we like to use Onyx (although there are other such utilities about). Run Onyx and choose the Maintenance -> Permissions tab and press execute to repair any permissions on the drive that are not set as they should be. Then try MacVector again
Incidentally it is good practice to run a utility like Onyx at least every month or so.

If this still fails then contact MacVector Support.

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