Upgrade MacVector with a 30% discount during April

Don’t be an April Fool, upgrade with a….

30% discount

… before MacVector 14 is released in May.

Assembler v2

This is no April Fool’s joke. Here’s a great way to upgrade your copy of MacVector before the release of MacVector 14 next month. For the entire month of April you will get a 30% discount on upgrading your copy of MacVector.

If you upgrade then here’s what you’ll see when MacVector 14 is released:

64-bit Carbon-free Application

MacVector 14 is now a 64-bit application and only uses modern Apple frameworks. MacVector 14 will handle much larger sequences and alignments by taking full advantage of all of the memory on your Mac.

Primer Database

The Primer Database tool allows you to save and retrieve primers from subsequence files within Primer3 and Quicktest Primer. You can easily create your own primer database, use existing files or import primers from Excel.


Primer Database search

This new tool lets you scan sequences for potential primer binding sites against the Primer Database. All these new features support mismatches and restriction site tails.

Assembler: reference assembly improvements

Reference assembly has been updated to use Bowtie2. It now handles gaps in the aligned reads and the reference. Indels are also graphically represented on the map of an assembly along with SNPs.

Miscellaneous Enhancements

As usual there are many other enhancements, generally in response to user feedback. Why not let us know what you’d like to see in a future release?

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