Editing the appearance of your sequence maps

Although we think that the default appearance of sequence maps in MacVector is very pretty, sometimes the defaults are not to everybody’s taste! If you think this way, then changing how maps look is very easy.

As usual with MacVector, there are many ways to quickly edit the appearance of a feature or multiple features. These all involve using the Symbol Editor.

  • Select the feature in the Map tab and go to OPTIONS > EDIT SYMBOLS FOR SequenceX.
  • Double click on a feature, in the Map tab
  • Select multiple features in the Map tab with the cursor, then double click somewhere in that selection.
  • Double clicking on the feature in the Tree View in the Graphics Palette.
  • Select one or more features in the Tree View and click the Edit button.
  • NewImage

    All of these options will open the Symbol Editor with the selected features highlighted. If you had selected multiple features, then some fields will be be shown in grey with a “mixed” symbol to show that the selected features had multiple values previously. If you enter a new value then all the selected features will be changed. However, if you leave that unchanged, then the symbols will be unchanged. This allows you to change just the colour, or some other attribute, of multiple features without changing all their other attributes.

    Remember though, that there are better ways of editing the appearance of multiple sequences, or changing the default appearance of all your files.

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