How to reset the graphics palette if it disappears

The floating graphics palette is extremely useful for helping to configure the display of the Map tab. You can easily toggle the visibility of any individual or group of features and adjust many aspects of the display. MacVector does try to remember the last position you moved this to so its there ready for you when you restart MacVector. Sometimes, especially if you plug into external monitors then close your computer and open it up without shutting down MacVector, that location may be off-screen. While MacVector does try to compensate for this, there are occasions where the Graphics palette stubbornly remains offscreen. If this happens to you, the easiest way to restore the graphics palette is to download and run this simple utility.


When you run it, make sure you click on the “Yes” button!

The utility will attempt to close and re-open MacVector after you click “Yes”. You will be prompted if there are any unsaved documents. Generally, it is better to run this after you have quit MacVector.

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