MacVector 15.5 is out: Graphical BLAST and automatic ORF display.

Our latest release, MacVector 15.5, introduces an entirely new way to view the results of BLAST searches, with an interactive graphical interface that let’s you easily visualize where your query maps to a hit. Unannotated Open Reading Frames are now automatically displayed whenever you open a DNA sequence. A number of changes to the Align To Reference and Contig Editors simplify the task of closing gaps and resolving repeats in sequencing assemblies.

BLAST MapResults

Graphical BLAST Results

Displays a fully annotated alignments of your query sequence against each high scoring hit. Genes and other features are displayed for both query and hits. This allows you to clearly see which genes your query is mapped to. For each hit, you can also just download the alignment only. Very useful when your query is a single gene, but hits are genomes or chromosomes.

ORF AutoAnnotate

Automatic ORF Display

MacVector now automatically searches for open reading frames in every DNA sequence that you open. You can quickly annotate the ORF to your sequence with a right mouse click.

Align to Reference

Many new tools have been added for closing gaps, and resolving repeats, in sequencing assemblies.

Misc changes

A variety of menu changes will make many tools more accessible to less experienced users. A number of optimizations have been made to better handle opening an analyzing extremely large sequences and reference alignments.

How to update to MacVector 15.5

If you have active maintenance and are running MacVector 13.0.1 or later then you should have been notified about the new release already. At that point you have the option to automatically upgrade to MacVector 15.5. To install this version, you must have a maintenance contract that was active on 1st February, 2017. You must also be running OS X 10.7 or later.

If you have an older version of MacVector then download the trial and request an upgrade quote.

If have downloaded the trial in the past then downloading a new trial will give you a fresh 21 days to evaluate MacVector even if a previous trial license had expired.

Remember that when a trial expires it becomes MacVector Free.

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