MacVector 16.0.10 and BLAST/Entrez issues

We recently became aware of a few issues with Entrez and BLAST. The most common issue is that in Entrez there are only two databases that you can search.

The main cause is due to some changes the NCBI made to their service, that went live on the 1st of December, 2018.

During the implementation there was a time when the available database list got corrupted, hence the most visible symptom. However, there are other issues that are less noticeable.

We’ve just released MacVector 16.0.10 to fix these problems. Our upcoming release, MacVector 17, already fully implements the changes. MacVector 17 will be released within a few weeks, however, we wanted to ensure MacVector 16 users do not experience any issues until then.

With the online updater you should have been notified by MacVector about the new release. At that point you will have the option to automatically update your copy. However, if this did not happen then just go to the MACVECTOR > CHECK FOR UPDATES menu to update.

Alternatively download the full installer.

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