MacVector and macOS Catalina

The next OS release for the Mac will arrive during September. macOS Catalina is a major OS release and includes many new features.

As usual our developers have been hard at work ensuring that when macOS Catalina is released, MacVector 17 will be fully compatible.

For older versions you can check compatibility on our website as soon as macOS Catalina is officially released.

For versions of MacVector released over the past few years it is likely that they will work fine. For these we have been striving to future proof MacVector for new versions of macOS.

However, for older versions of MacVector there will be issues. More significantly MacVector 13.5 and all older versions will not run. The MacVector application icon will be displayed with a “stop sign” indicating it will not run.

This is due to Apple moving fully to a 64 bit operating system.

Starting with the release of macOS High Sierra 10.13.4 any 32 bit application would periodically display warning dialogs. For example: “the application is not optimised for this release and needs to be updated” and “This application will not work on future macOS releases”. However, the application would still run. But with the release of macOS Catalina this migration is now complete and 32bit applications will no longer run.

Here at MacVector we always strive to stay ahead of the game. When Apple recommended (many years ago) that all applications should be 64 bit, we immediately started working to move MacVector to be fully 64 bit resulting in the release of MacVector 14 in 2015.

Please do note that whereas our developers do develop and run MacVector on Apple’s public and developer betas of macOS, we really do not recommend that users run MacVector for any real workflows on beta releases. There may be unexpected issues that you may encounter.

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