MacVectorTip: Viewing external database entries for features in a sequence.

Sequences, or regions of sequences, can be linked to external databases. For example an entire sequence entry or for when annotation tools are used to annotate proteins with domain or motif information (for example InterProScan). Very useful for when you want to view more detailed or updated information. Within the Genbank specification, which MacVector extensively […]

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MacVectorTip: How to Customize Window Button Toolbars

Like many Mac applications, MacVector takes full advantage of the built-in ability to add, delete and rearrange the action buttons on window toolbars. To make these changes, right-click (or [ctrl]-click) in the gray space on any toolbar and a context-sensitive menu will appear. Choose Customize Toolbar and a dialog will be displayed with all of […]

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MacVectorTip: Using tabbed sequence windows in MacVector

One of the lesser known features of macOS is the ability to store all open documents of an application in tabs. Tabs were initially introduced for the Finder, but macOS Mavericks saw them apply to supported application document windows too. MacVector has supported tabs since their introduction, however, by default the Tab Bar is turned […]

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Working From Home: accessing video tutorials of common workflows inside MacVector

During the Covid-19 pandemic we want to ensure that you have access to the MacVector license that you would use in the lab, if you are working from home. If you use MacVector, even an older version, and are having trouble activating it (or installing it) at home email MacVector Support and we will help. If you […]

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MacVector video tutorials on You Tube

There are short video tips on using MacVector on our blog and our YouTube channel. Each one is less than 2 minutes and generally shorter than that! There will be a new screencast every few weeks, so please subscribe to our YouTube channel so you don’t miss any! The latest screencasts include quickly annotating a […]

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