Philadelphia and the ASM Convention

We had a great time at the ASM Convention several weeks ago. Thanks to all of the MacVector users who stopped by the booth. We enjoyed meeting you, showing you new features in MacVector, and gaining your feedback that will help us plan for the future. We also met a lot of people who hadn’t heard of us and got a lot of positive feedback.

There were 2 questions that we were asked over and over.

The first was ” Do you have a MacVector for PC?” The answer is “not yet”. Our plan in the 2 1/2 years that our company has been developing MacVector is to first make it the best Macintosh desktop sequence analysis solution on the market, then port it to Windows. I’m happy to say that we are almost there. We hope to start developing a ‘MacVector for Windows’ soon.

The other question asked frequently is ” Can MacVector support Next Generation Sequencing?” The answer is that it will do in our next version, MacVector 11.0, due out later this summer. Our Assembler module ( optional add-on) has been enhanced to provide support for next-gen sequencing machines, reading FASTQ files and assembling them using the latest version of phrap.

I also thought Philadelphia was a great city.  I saw the Liberty Bell.  It was a 6 block walk from the Convention Center.  We found a really cool old pub, too- McGillins Olde Ale House.  It had a great selection of local brews- as well as cheap pitchers of PBR!  There is also a great city market right across the street from the Convention Center where I found the best Cheesesteaks.  I went there for lunch every day!

Here’s a photo of Kevin K. in our booth at the ASM meeting:

Kevin at our booth at the ASM

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