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MacVector 11.1.2 just released

We’ve just released MacVector 11.1.2, which is a minor bug fix release.

The bug fix list includes

  • Translations now correctly honor the genetic code shown in that dialog rather than the global genetic code.
  • You can now suppress the automatic re-ordering of reads in the Align to Reference window by holding down the <option> key when clicking on the OK button in the align dialog.
  • Trace files now print correctly.
  • BLAST matches to the complementary strand are now correctly numbered in the alignment text output window.
  • Restored the ability to read GeneWorks files.
  • Fixed an occasional crashing bus in the graphics display when editing a feature when the corresponding automatic Restriction Enzyme file was also open.
  • A bug where switching between Advanced tabs in the Primer3 dialog and editing one of the numeric fields would cause a crash has been fixed.
  • The annotated sequence text output now strips “/note=” from the front of any feature description text. This means that only the actual text you type into the Feature Editor Free-Form tab will now be displayed as the label for the feature.
  • MacVector can now open files saved from previous versions that had truncated LOCUS lines.
  • The ability to use non-ASCII Mac-Roman characters (e.g. ∆, ® and ©) in Feature descriptions has been restored.
  • Printing annotated sequences from the Editor tab now displays the correct translations.
  • Cross_match now takes quality values into account when evaluating the most likely insert segment in a Read.

Current users can download this here.  It will recognise your existing license.


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