Keep Blast running on MacVector 12.7.5 and earlier versions.

If you are running MacVector 12.7.5 or earlier Blast will stop working for you from the end of this month. The fix for this is below.

MacVector makes it easy to run a Blast search from your Desktop, and retrieve the hits directly back into MacVector. MacVector does this by submitting these Blast searches directly to the NCBI’s Blast server in a similar way to accessing the website directly.

A while ago the NCBI changed the URL for these searches and from the 1st of December, 2014 the deprecated URL for the Blast server at the NCBI will finally cease to function.

We changed the URL back in MacVector 13.0. So if you are running MacVector 13.0 or later then you do not need to do anything.

However, if you are running an earlier version then you will need to modify the URL in order to keep MacVector working.

The old address is

The official URL for BLAST searches is

How to change the URL in MacVector

  • Switch to the INTERNET tab
  • Enter the new URL into the Server pane
  • Click Apply
  • Now MacVector will use the new URL for all Blast searches.

    Of course you could just upgrade…..! MacVector 13.5 is now out and the new functionality should give you many reasons to upgrade!


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