MacVector for Windows: update.

It’s quite a few months since the last update on the development of MacVector for Windows.

Work is progressing very well and a lot of the underlying functionality is now finished. The Cloning Clipboard, Restriction Enzyme analysis and QuickTest Primer tools are all done.

The release is still some time away, but if you are excited as we are to see MacVector reach Windows, then we’re getting a lot closer!

Features Editor

MV4Win FeaturesEditor

Primer Design

MV4Win QT Primer

Restriction Enzyme Analysis


Cloning Clipboard

MV4Win Cloning

MacVector for Windows will not be a Java version of MacVector, nor is it a carbon copy of MacVector (for Mac!). MacVector, the original, is designed for, and fully integrates with the OS X environment. We like to say that if you can use a Mac, you can analyze your sequences with MacVector. MacVector for Windows is the same. A truly native application that is easy to use for anybody familiar with Windows.

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