Keep up to date with MacVector auxiliary files

MacVector has a large collection of data files that are installed in folders alongside the MacVector application. These include Restriction Enzymes files, Scoring Matrices, documentation, tutorials, a variety of common cloning vectors and even a few useful Applescripts.


If you use MacVector’s built-in automatic updater to install each new release and bug-fix, you will find that only the application itself gets updated. However, with each new release we are constantly updating and revising these auxiliary files. For example, for MacVector 14.0 we updated the Restriction Enzyme files and also added DAM and DCM methylase affected sites so that you can easily spot sites that would be blocked by either of these methylases. We added additional vectors and Applescripts, and updated tutorials and documentation. You can download a zipped archive of the current set of auxiliary files from our website.

Download and extract the files, then copy and paste the individual folders into your current active MacVector folder. You can always find the current set of auxiliary files on our downloads page.

You can also use the full installer to replace your entire active MacVector folder with the latest release – that can always be found here.

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