MacVector 15 is out, with a focus on protein analysis and alignment tools.

MacVector 15 has many new features including new protein analysis tools for reference alignment of proteins, translated DNA alignments and for functional analysis of protein sequences.

InterProScan: Scan proteins for functional domains against a variety of sequence, protein family, domain and motifs databases using the InterProScan service. This performs a search against many different databases that comprise the InterPro database. This includes UniProt, PROSITE, HAMAP, Pfam, and PRINTS. You can annotate domains back to your sequence with a link to the original database entry.


The Multiple Sequence Alignment tool has been improved with two new features. It will allow you to align DNA sequences based on their amino acid translations and multiple protein sequences can now be aligned to a single reference protein sequence.


Translated Multiple Sequence Alignments: Align DNA sequences based on their amino acid translations. Display DNA sequences and their translations at the same time. Align the protein sequences using ClustalW, Muscle or T-Coffee to see the effect on the underlying DNA sequences. Directly edit the DNA sequences and immediately see the impact of the change on the amino acid alignments.

Align proteins against a reference: You can use a protein sequence as a reference so that the display keys off that sequence when showing similarities. This allows you to view proteins in a similar way to the DNA Align To Reference interface.


Applescript and Auto Annotate: Auto-annotation has joined the growing number of MacVector tools that support Applescript. Batch annotate folders of blank sequences. Example scripts provided.

Check out the release notes for full details of this release.

How to update to MacVector 15

If you have active maintenance and are running MacVector 13.0.1 or later then you should have been notified about the new release already. At that point you have the option to automatically upgrade to MacVector 15. To install this version, you must have a maintenance contract that was active on 1 June 2016. If you are running OS X 10.6.8, the semi-automatic updater is not supported and you should download the full updater direct.

If you have an older version of MacVector then download the trial and request an upgrade quote.

If have downloaded the trial in the past then downloading a new trial will give you a fresh 21 days to evaluate MacVector even if a previous trial license had expired.

Remember that when a trial expires it becomes MacVector Free.

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