Get ready for the release of macOS High Sierra with a 30% discount on all MacVector upgrades

macOS® High Sierra will be released Monday 25th of September. Whether you intend to upgrade early, or months later, you’ll be pleased to know that MacVector 15.5 (the current version) and MacVector 16 (our upcoming release) are both fully supported and compatible with macOS High Sierra.

  • If you are running MacVector 15.5. MacVector 15.5 is fully compatible and supported on macOS High Sierra. However, please do watch our Twitter, Facebook or blog for updates (and don’t forgot to backup! You spent a lot of time designing those constructs, don’t lose them!)
  • If you are running MacVector 13.0 to MacVector 15.0. Although these versions are not supported, we are not expecting any major issues. Please do contact support to check whether your license is valid for a later release (again backups are essential).
  • If you have MacVector 12.7 and earlier. You are strongly advised to either upgrade MacVector or not to upgrade to macOS High Sierra. There are significant problems with these much older versions.
  • During October we do have a 30% discount on all MacVector upgrades. So if you must upgrade to mac OS High Sierra and you are running an older version of MacVector then don’t miss out.

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    1. vann bennett
      Posted October 31, 2017 at 7:35 pm | Permalink

      I currently have a macvector version 7.0. please send me a quote for a single user current version of macvector