MacVector and macOS Mojave

Apple released macOS Mojave today (Tuesday 25th September).

Over the past few months we have performed preliminary testing with MacVector 16.0.9 on various development releases of macOS Mojave through its development cycle and all appears to be well.

So whereas we cannot state MacVector is compatible until it is officially released, we can say that we think all is OK.

Incidentally over the past few releases of MacVector we have made significant effort to future proof MacVector for upcoming releases of macOS.

Please do note that MacVector 16.0.9 will not support Dark Mode. However, it is planned for the next release, MacVector 17 (out later this year).

For older versions of MacVector you can check compatibility on our website. The results for macOS Mojave are not yet published, but it is likely that they will follow the ones for macOS High Sierra 10.13.4.

Please note that we do generally recommend that you do not upgrade to a new macOS release until at least a few weeks after a release.

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