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Restoring file associations when MacVector no longer opens your sequences

Macs are pretty good at choosing the right application to open a document. For example when you double click on a .nucl document then it will open in MacVector. However, sometimes this file association breaks. Applications should coexist peacefully on a Mac, but sometimes a misbehaving app will corrupt these file associations and you will […]

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How to reset the graphics palette if it disappears

The floating graphics palette is extremely useful for helping to configure the display of the Map tab. You can easily toggle the visibility of any individual or group of features and adjust many aspects of the display. MacVector does try to remember the last position you moved this to so its there ready for you […]

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Trial download and updating issues!

Over the past few weeks we’ve had a few reports of trial downloaders having problems installing the trial. We also had a few calls from users with problems updating to the latest release of MacVector 14.5 (14.5.3). The problem manifests itself by showing an error message that the file is “damaged” and cannot be installed. […]

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Troubleshooting problems with MacVector

MacVector generally just works. However, it’s a very rare piece of software that does not have occasional technical faults. Every now and again we do get reports to MacVector Support about such technical issues. Whenever we come across such issues we document them and also try to fix it so they never happen again in […]

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Clearing the “find” history in the Primer and Find dialogs.

Many tools in MacVector store a history of sequences, or search terms, that you have previously used. For example the Find dialog and Primer Design tools. This is accessed using a drop down menu to the right of the box where you would normally type, or paste, your sequence. This is to allow easy access […]

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MacVector, Yosemite and increasing dialog window sizes!

There’s a small bug in Yosemite that causes the size of the dialog windows to increase in size. MacVector is affected by this problem. Basically every time you use a dialog its size increases slightly. Over time the dialog becomes too large to fit on the screen and you will have problems clicking the buttons. […]

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Keep Blast running on MacVector 12.7.5 and earlier versions.

If you are running MacVector 12.7.5 or earlier Blast will stop working for you from the end of this month. The fix for this is below. MacVector makes it easy to run a Blast search from your Desktop, and retrieve the hits directly back into MacVector. MacVector does this by submitting these Blast searches directly […]

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101 things you (maybe) didn’t know about MacVector: #34 – How to fix a -5000 License Activation Error

If you are using an older (pre-13.0) version of MacVector and you try to activate a license on a new computer, or after upgrading your operating system, you may get the following error; This is due to various read/write permissions changes that Apple have made to OS X over the years that prevents MacVector from […]

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Troubleshooting: Resetting MacVector’s preferences

Edit December 7, 2018 Updated for macOS Mojave Updated for El Capitan EDIT: August 26, 2014 The script now works for all versions of OS X. For versions before Mavericks the old preferences files are moved to the Desktop rather than being deleted. MacVector generally just works. However, even the most well behaved of applications sometime […]

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Error 500 when installing MacVector

With some operating systems buying a new computer can mean days migrating all your data and applications over. However, with OS X the Apple Migration Utility almost completely removes the hassle and the pleasure of your new Mac is not diluted by the pain of migration! However, this utility is not perfect and sometimes when […]

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