What can MacVector do for me?

Here’s what MacVector can do for your lab.

Comparing sequences

Whatever type of alignment your sequence needs, there’s a tool in MacVector.


CRISPR Indel Analysis: Identify insertions and deletions following CRISPR editing of a target.

Sequence assembly of NGS data against a reference genome or compare your sequencing against your new construct.

Translated Multiple Sequence Alignments: Align DNA sequences based on their translations.

Align proteins against a reference great for comparing known proteins against an unknown one.

Auto Annotation of common plasmid features to blank sequences.

InterProScan: Scan proteins for functional domains against many databases.



Design Cloning workflows

As simple as dragging a fragment to a cloning vector.

Flexible Cloning Subclone with restriction enzymes, Gibson cloning, Gateway and more.

Cloning history Every step is documented.

Agarose Gel to run out digested sequences. Easily identify site(s) to differentiate successful clones.

Primer Design

Design primers with ease.

QuickTest Primer changes primer design. Hairpin? Nudge your primer until it goes.

Add tails to your primers with silent restriction sites/mismatches and view reading frame changes.

Quickly design pairs of primers click a region to get the best primer pairs to amplify it.

Primer Database store your primers and scans sequences for potential binding sites.


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