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In addition to the types of license described below, you can also choose between Perpetual or Annual licensing periods. Perpetual licenses are by far the most common approach.


With a standard license, you are given a unique serial number along with a personalized activation code. You can install MacVector on as many machines as you like, but only one copy with that serial number can be running on a local network at one time. MacVector checks on startup and at periodical intervals to check that no other copies with the same serial number are running on the network. If a conflict is detected on startup, MacVector simply refuses to run and will tell you the user and machine name that is using the serial number. If a conflict is detected later (e.g. if you let a computer running MacVector go to sleep then wake it up later and another user is running the same serial number) you can save or print any open files but you cannot run any analyses or open new files.

The standard license lets you install MacVector on a home computer, or on a portable computer that you might take to conferences or to other labs. While disconnected from your local network you can continue to use MacVector without affecting use of the primary copy installed on the lab or office computer.


Similar to a perpetual standard license, but the serial number and activation code are locked to a single machine. This is a cost-effective solution for small labs or individuals who do not need to install MacVector on multiple machines. Like standard licenses, these are perpetual licenses and can be moved to a new machine at a future date as long as a maintenance contract is kept up to date for the license. More details and answers to some common questions can be found on this page.


With a Network or "Concurrent usage" license, you install a small program on a central server that keeps track of the number of copies of MacVector currently in use on your network. Each time a copy of MacVector is started, a license is checked out from the server. If all of the licenses you have bought are in use, additional users will get a message that there are no licenses available and will be asked if they wish to join a waiting list.

If you have one or two machines, you will usually find that the "Static" license is the most cost effective, even if you need to buy two or three to cover all of your users or machines. However, once you have a larger network of 5 or more machines, the Network license approach is usually more cost effective. For larger networks, a ratio of one network license per 3-4 machines is usually sufficient to ensure that all users have access to MacVector when needed.


This is an add-on to the Network licensing that allows temporary use of MacVector even when not connected to the central KeyServer. This extends the Network license to allow usage of MacVector at home, at a conference, or even on a plane with no Internet connection.


These allow essentially unlimited usage throughout an Institution. Due to the potential for abuse, these are only available as an Annual (yearly subscription) License.


We also offer deeply discounted annual student and post-doc licenses to undergraduate and graduate students and post-doctoral fellows at accredited educational institutions.


If you have let your maintenance plan lapse, or have an older license of MacVector (any version), you can upgrade it. When you purchase an upgrade, you will be sent the latest version of MacVector, and will then be back on the maintenance plan. This means that you will be sent all new releases in the next 12 month period and be eligible for telephone and email support. If you have an older static license with an old ADB key, when you upgrade we will exchange your old key for a new USB key free of charge. We will send you a quotation before your yearly maintenance is expired to give you the opportunity to renew. For more information on maintenance please click on Why buy maintenance?


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MacVector has several different licensing options. Which one is right for you? We also offer both Perpetual and Annual licensing periods.

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