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MacVector network license installations

There are two main steps to perform: (1) install K2 KeyServer on the server Mac and (2) install K2 Client on each client Mac. Note: every client will need to be activated with the license details.

Installing K2 KeyServer

Here are detailed instructions for installing K2 on OS X

1. The K2 KeyServer installer, K2Server, is available on the MacVector CD in Network Licensing / Installers / Server Installers.

Alternatively, you can download the installer from the Sassafras web site:

2. Run the K2 installer on a networked Mac server. You'll need an admin or root password for this.

3. After the installation is complete copy your license file, MacVector xx users.lic, to the Library / KeyServer / KeyServer Data Folder.

4. Launch the KeyServer. Two approaches are available to launch K2 on OS X after the installation:

A. Restart the server machine. KeyServer will automatically launch when the server boots

Note: By default, the KeyServer

B. Use the following commands as "root" in the OS X terminal window to launch KeyServer as a native daemon process:

% cd /Library/KeyServer

% ./ks –d

Installing K2 Client

Installation of K2 Client is straight-forward and requires knowledge of the name or IP address of the machine running the K2 KeyServer.

1. Insert the MacVector 8 program CD into the CD-ROM of your Mac.

2. Open the CD and navigate to the Network Licensing / Installers / Client Installers folder.

3. Double-click on K2Client.sea to launch the KeyAccess installer.

4. Configure K2 Client to log onto the KeyServer using the name or IP address of the machine running the K2 KeyServer. Click "Logon" to establish communication between the client and the KeyServer.

Network license troubleshooting

In the vast majority of cases a temporary, or permanent, connectivity problem between the KeyServer and the KeyClient is the cause of network licenses failing to work. The first step should always be to open up SYSTEM PREFERENCES | KEYACCESS and check that the correct server address details are present. Then try to LOGON to that KeyServer.

If the address of the KeyServer is correct then the second most common issue is that the KeyServer is not running. Try to start this by double clicking the application. If it fails to start, or this means nothing to you, then please contact support.


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