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MacVector Support


Visit our forums where you can discuss MacVector-related issues with our staff and other users.


Short videos with tips, techniques and useful information on using MacVector.

Tutorials and downloads

Tutorials, updated restriction enzyme files, utilities and other useful downloads.


We often tour the USA or Europe presenting free workshops on the use of MacVector. While many are private, we do have public workshops that anyone can attend.

Contact us

To communicate with a live human body knowledgable in all technical aspects of MacVector and Assembler, please call or email:

US and worldwide (except Europe)

(919) 303-7450

(866) 338-0222


+44 (0) 1223 410 552

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Upcoming MacVector Workshops

From time to time we hold workshops around the country where we cover both basic and advanced MacVector and MacVector with Assembler functionality, adapting the presentations based on local requirements. These generally last from 90 minutes to 2hrs and are always completely free. Spending 2hrs in one of our workshops can save you twice that time in front of a computer within the first month. If we only had a dollar for every time someone said "Oh! If only I'd known I could...."

If you are interested in hosting a workshop, please contact us at

If you are interested in attending one of the workshops below, also drop us a line at

Current Scheduled Public Workshops

Wednesday June 19th - Stanford University, Palo Alto, CA

10am - 12 noon. Learn about MacVector 17.0? A practical workshopreviewing both the basic and advanced functionality in MacVector paying particular attention to new functionality added over the last few years. Learn about clone construction techniques, automatic sequence annotation, primer design, alignments and much much more. Munzer Auditorium, Ground floor, Beckman Center, Rm B060

Monday June 24th - UC Davis, CA

10am - 12noon. MacVector 17.0 Basic Functionality. An overview of getting started with MacVector, but containing enough tips and tricks to keep even long term users interested. Attend this to understand how you can use MacVector to analyze, document and manipulate DNA and protein sequences, including primer design, alignments and even an introduction to Next Generation Sequencing capabilities. Genome and Biological Science Facility Conference Room (GBSF 1005)

2pm - 4pm. Detailed MacVector Workflows and New Functionality. Aimed at the more experienced user, this Workshop focuses on in-depth workflows of sequence annotation, clone construction, primer design and a variety of alignments, but the setting is intimate enough to adapt to the needs of attendees. We'll also discuss how to use functionality added in MacVector in the last few years. Genome and Biological Science Facility Conference Room (GBSF 1005)


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